Climbing out of the wreckage

I don’t think I, my sister, her kids and the rest of my family will ever forget this past Saturday, February 7, 2015. It’s the day brother-in-law only thought of himself, whatever pain he was going through and took his own life. Since then, many people I love (and countless who I don’t even know), have been living in a sea of confusion and pain.
This morning, as I waited for my partner to finish an appointment, I climbed. I climbed 60 flights of stairs. While I still feel all of the pain and confusion as before, I let out stress and started to train for the Presidential Climb. (180 flights).


Been to self-made hell and back

Hi everyone,

I’m back!

I would be very much surprised if I had any readers left at this point. It has been almost one year since I have posted a blog.  During that time, many wonderful and some not-so-wonderful things happened. Here is a description of that time in a nutshell:

On the negative side, I let my body continue to slide downhill. I stopped running. I stopped cycling. My weight… ah, my weight continued to get heavier and heavier until I weighed in January 18 of this year at a whopping 208.5#. Recently I was diagnosed with having a fatty liver and possibly even cancer. I resolved then and there that if I didn’t have cancer (to which gratefully I don’t), I was going to do every thing in my power to return to a healthier life.

On the positive side (and this is a very huge positive), I met the love of my life last June. She is the most beautiful woman in the world and she has stolen my heart and soul. During the Thanksgiving weekend I asked her to marry me and she said yes! She has turned my life around in so many ways. She has encouraged me to start eating a low-glycemic diet. With that diet and exercise, I have lost almost 20# in eighteen days. She has encouraged me to get to back to exercising. I have multiple events that I will be training for this year. I will share those with you later.

Long story short (too late I know :)) is that I am back on track and will return to blogging on a regular basis.

Feeling groovy

I woke up this morning and it was a beautiful day! I could breathe (for the most part) and I didn’t cough (hardly). So I did something that I’ve been waiting to do for a week: I ran!

I just finished a 4.5 mile run. It was slower than I’d like but I have to keep things in perspective. I haven’t gone for a run in a week and I’m just getting over a cold. On the plus side, it’s beautiful sunny and fairly warm day. I’m feeling better. I ran with 8# less on my body than last time. Life is good. All is groovy.

Rollercoaster of life: vegetarian and cold edition

Life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately. Did I ever mention that I hate roller coasters? Until last week I had been staying on top of my training. Then two things happened: one positive and the other, not so much.

I have previously blogged about becoming a 98% vegetarian. On last Tuesday, I became a complete vegetarian, no excuses. Considering it was the April 1, no fooling either. Why the complete change? I won’t go into the grisly details but I will give you the catalyst. One  of my heros is Jane Goodall. I have been reading her book, The Ten Trusts: What we must do to care for the animals we love. Since last Tuesday, and minus my current infection, this is the best I’ve felt in many years. I’ve even lost 7.75# in less than a week.

Now on the downside, I have a cold. I have it since last Thursday. Congestion, fever, sore throat and cough, I’ve been miserable and blessed with it all. Just to make things worse, I haven’t gone for a run in over a week. I am feeling a lot better though and am hoping to run tomorrow morning. I am eternally grateful that last week was a taper week.

I am so ready to take a break from this ride. Not my life of course, but the roller coaster part.

What happened to spring?

Baby got back…. twinges

The last couple days I’ve been dealing with some twinges in my lower back. Nothing excruciating, mind you, just annoying enough to make me a little careful. 

With that in mind, here is how my last two days have gone with workouts. I skipped my 3.5 mi run yesterday but still cautiously completed my weight training workout last night. I am hoping to make up my run later this week. This morning I ran half of the scheduled run, so one mile. I should be “back” to normal with tomorrow’s run.

So, how are your workouts going this week?

No blarney

This is no blarney. Today is a rest day. Although I don’t have any Irish in me (mostly German), I wish anyone reading this a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

One weekend equals two maybe three workouts

I love the weekend! Correction: I love the weekend when I don’t have to work and this was one of them. This weekend included two, maybe three, workouts. It was amazing.

On Saturday, before the temperatures plummeted again, I went for a five mile run outside and on the roads. There is nothing that can compare to the aroma and flavor or carbon monoxide for an hour. I was amazed by my pace (12:53).

That evening I attended my first formal (well, formal to some) lesbian dinner and dance. I had a blast and even danced a lot and in heels no less. Umm, that’s heels for me. When I woke up this morning, my legs and hip hurt. Sheesh, who knew what a little dancing can do. I don’t know, do you consider dancing a workout?

Then today, it was time for a little cross training on the elliptical. In 46 minutes and at different elevation and resistance levels, I covered 5.76 miles.

I am so grateful tomorrow is a rest day! So, what did you do this weekend?

Rest day…. Ugh

It’s a rest day. I wish I could take this in every sense of the word. I haven’t slept well the last two nights. My legs ache. No, my whole body aches including my head. Due to lack of sleep, I’m exhausted.

All I want to do is soak in a bath of Epsom salts and head back to bed. Who’s with me?

Which runs faster: the legs or the nose?

I was most excited to go for my run outside today. It wasn’t warm at the time, about 12 degrees. It was windy and there wasn’t any precipitation, that said it was a beautiful run. My legs ran. My nose ran as well. I even ran my best average pace this year: 13:06. (That was better than yesterday’s two miles on the deathmill.) All in all it was a great run!